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Emergency Electrical Service

Emergency Electrical Call Out Service on The Gold Coast

A critical electrical problem can occur anytime, and it might disrupt your day to day activities or even business operations. So, to get them fixed, you will need to call emergency electricians. At Isme Electrical, we offer professional emergency electrical services on the Gold Coast, where you can call our licensed electricians anytime to get the issue fixed.

Indeed, we offer a call out service, for which we are considered one of the best electrical companies on the Gold Coast. Moreover, our emergency electricians use a wide range of tools to fix critical problems. This helps them complete the repairs on time and restore normalcy to your property.


Quick Repairs by Our Expert Emergency Electricians

Our emergency electricians on the Gold Coast will resolve the issues that you are experiencing swiftly so that electrical hazards can be prevented. That’s right, a sudden electrical fault or a massive short-circuit can not only be problematic but can also be deadly. Our licensed professionals thoroughly examine the electrical issue that you are facing, and it is only after finding out the cause that they start the repairs.

Our emergency electricians can solve any and every issue on your property that includes

  • Burnt or melted switchboards
  • Malfunctioning lights, fans and appliances
  • Short-circuits
  • Power failures
  • Fire from power points
  • Electrical faults
  • Tripping of circuit breakers
If you are facing any of these or others that are not mentioned, call us immediately. Our electricians will attend as a matter of urgency and resolve the issue without delay.

Why Pick Our Emergency Electrical Service?

Our emergency electrical service:

  • We have been providing emergency electrical repairs for over 20 years
  • We are available for emergencies to fix any critical electrical problems
  • Our electricians are licensed, members of the Master Electricians and are capable of repairing all types of issues
  • Our emergency electricians take all safety precautions during repairs
If you are facing a sudden electrical problem in your property and need to get it fixed quickly, call us now.
Get an Emergency Electrical Estimate
To book our emergency electricians at Isme Electrical, call us, or click the ‘Get a Quote’ button to get the estimate.
Frequently Asked Questions
How fast is your emergency electrical service in Gold Coast?
With 20 years of experience, we know how important it is to respond immediately to an emergency electrical service. Hence, the moment you call upon our emergency electricals we will spring into action and reach your address at the earliest, 24×7.
Is there any call out fee for your emergency electrical service in Gold Coast?
No, there is no call out fee for our emergency services in Gold Coast. The callout is free of charge. However, standard fees will apply to the service that we roll out.
Are your emergency electricians trained and equipped enough to offer emergency electrical services at the hour of your need?
Yes, all our emergency electricians are trained and equipped enough to offer emergency electrical service. It ensures, the service we provide is the best and the safest.
What do your electricians consider an emergency?
Any sudden, persistent fluctuation of voltage, sparks or smoke from sockets, switches getting brown and too hot to touch, repeated tripping of fuses, or the pungent smell of something burning are signs of an emergency. Immediately get in touch with our electricians who will be right there at your address.
Are your electricians are certified?
Yes, all our electricians offering emergency services are certified, making them among the safest in the business.
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